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The International Association of Women’s Museums

Private Collections

The WMF Library for Books & Documents holds the private collections of a number of Egyptian women pioneers. The collections include personal and family photographs, personal belongings, testimonies, among other documents. The Women and Memory Forum preserves and presents these private collections as part of its effort to document the collective national memory, and to examine key stages in Egypt’s social history, as reflected in the private collections of the women who shaped this history.

Kawkab Hefni Nassef

Born on the 20th of April 1905, Kawkab Hefni Nassif was the first Egyptian woman to work as a physician and surgeon. She was also the first woman Hospital Director in Eg...

Lili Doss

The Private collection of Lili Doss includes her personal papers and photographs, as well as photographs with her family, friends, and acquaintances at different stages ...

Wedad Mitri

The Wedad Mitri collection contains the private papers of social activist Wedad Mitri, and includes documents like her CV and school, university, and honorary degrees as...