The WMF is a Member of
The International Association of Women’s Museums

Gender Education Programs


The Gender Education programs are courses that offer graduate university students and NGO workers intensive specialized theoretical training in gender studies across academic fields. The courses also familiarize participants with seminal texts of gender and feminist theory in Arabic.

The overarching aim of these workshops is to increase, improve and bring up to date the theoretical knowledge of young people towards nurturing a generation of individuals who are well informed about gender and women’s studies. By the end of the training course, participants are expected to:

– amass a good level of knowledge of the intellectual history of gender studies and the foundational texts of gender theory in a number of fields;

– achieve adequate understanding of a wide range of strategies appropriate to research in the interdisciplinary field of gender studies;

– critically appraise and read research in gender studies;

– familiarise themselves well with the range of theoretical approaches to the study of gender which construct the field of gender studies;

– perceive the importance of contextualizing and indigenizing gender studies;

– acquire awareness of the comparative, historical and biographical approaches to research on gender;

– formulate research questions and operationalize them in order to develop a research argument.