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“Doing Well, Don’t Worry.” exhibition in Aswan

“Doing Well, Don’t Worry.” exhibition in Aswan

Date: February 21, 2019

Women and Memory Forum will held the exhibition “Doing Well, Don’t Worry.”: Short Tales of Women’s Work and Mobility in Aswan from February 21 to February 26, 2019, within the framework of Aswan International Women Film Festival.

The exhibition, which comes as a part of WMF efforts to establish the first women’s museum in Egypt and the Middle East,  introduces glimpses into the lives of several women – women, who have worked and moved as doctors, maids, actresses, students, accountants, filmmakers, embroiderers, teachers, tour guides, artists, and as mothers, daughters, mentors and friends. They live in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Denmark, yet their lives invite us to travel across many more spaces, peoples, and times, and inspire us to rethink familiar meanings and assumptions about women, mobility and work.
This exhibition is the result of collaboration between the Women and Memory Forum (EG), Women’s Museum in Denmark (DK), Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute (EG/DK), Anthropology Unit and the Cynthia Nelson Institute from the American University in Cairo (EG), the Tiraz Centre (JO) and the Knowledge Workshop (LE). It could, however, not have been done without the help from students and young professionals in the fields of social sciences, architecture, museums and graphic design who lent their time and passion to the project.

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