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Women’s Oral History Archive

Uncovering women’s voices in an oral archive has changed the way we look, not only at women’s history, but at history in general. Rediscovering women’s history through their life narratives allows us to revise history, and reconsider our assumptions about the past and the future. In addition, documenting the lives of Egyptian women in their own voices enables women to improve their living conditions, and attain their rights. Research into oral history has contributed to the production of vibrant and useful knowledge for many women’s organizations around the world.

Despite the renewed interest in the field of oral history in many regions across the globe, there is still a limited number of oral history projects in the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore, the Women and Memory Forum seeks to bridge this knowledge gap, and provide researchers, activists, and students with the necessary knowledge resources by establishing the WMF Women’s Oral History Archive.

The Women’s Oral History Archive contains several interviews with women of different age groups and diverse backgrounds. These women have played effective roles in the public domain, and had strong resonance and impact on society. The interviews were conducted by the WMF’s research team in stages, at different points in time.

Pioneer Women
Women Entrepreneurs
Women in the Public Domain